Now this is camping

Who said you have to rough it camping? Its Texas, so sure its rustic, but mama needs her espresso and a glass of wine. We've got a chef run dinning hall, couches by the fireplace, a full cocktail bar and an open wine bar

Gourmet Food

We love food... almost as much as we love yoga - so we spend weeks planning out every meal for each of the 3 days with our on-site chefs. All meals have various options to cater to your food requirements or tastes.

Cozy Cabins

Our cabins are fully equipped with AC, heat, showers, even 100% organic shampoo, conditioner, and soap. We have various room and cabin sizes and the cabins are setup in little neighborhoods around the 200 acre property.

A local escape

From the moment you walk on to the property, you will be surrounded by the beauty of the Texas hill country, the natural private lake and immediately feel the grounding effects of being in nature.

The Camp

Lush trees, lakes, ponds and cliffs cover the 200 acre property, tucking it away just 45 minutes from Austin. You could hike all over or just lay out at the dock on our private lake.


There are several buildings around the property that provide a place to lounge, or cozy up next to a fire place. The food hall and decks that overlook the lake and cliffs really make you pause.

Events and activities

On the property you'll find seemingly endless actives like rock climbing and obstacle courses, horses and trails, tennis courts and outdoor amphitheaters.

September 6-8 2019

Do you feel like your head is buzzing in a million directions? This retreat is all about grounding that nervous energy, reconnecting to the calmness of our breath, and invigorating our bodies for the most need reset of your life.

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