About the retreat themes

Yoga retreats have been done, so we created the retreat that we wanted. At Camp Yogi you'll find your yoga practice and your zen, you'll get the opportunity to try different types of yoga, but we also wanted it to be fun - thats why we bring in dance and music and activities that make you feel young again.

Each Camp Yogi retreat revolves around a season and are meant to be experienced as a series that carries your wellbeing through the year. They each focus on a different energy that push you through to the next season.

Unwind & Awaken • September 6-8 2019

Food: Enjoy warm, whole, freshly cooked foods in a peaceful environment. At least once, place all of your mind into each bite and experience the flavors flooding over your tongue.

Yoga Practice: Enjoy a daily routine of gentle, calming yoga to soothing music that will leave you with a soft awareness and slower pace.

Activities: Hiking, meditation, horseback riding, dancing, paddleboard yoga, massage therapy, and mala

Transformation • Fall 2019

Food: Cool the heat of summer and enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, nourishing meals (for both meat eaters and non-meat eaters) in a peaceful environment.

Yoga Practice: Begin your day with a calming meditation followed by an invigorating and challenging yoga practice that will help you surrender into nature and leave you feeling refreshed.

Activities: Enjoy lake activities like the blob, water slide, swimming, and zipline, hiking, and plenty of free time to rest and cool down during the heat of the day.

Stability • Spring 2020

Food: Enjoy the rich vegetables of fruits of autumn and freshly made, hot meals to warm your body and mind in a peaceful environment.

Yoga Practice: The best way to avoid the stagnation of Fall is to build endurance in our lightly heated, active yoga classes set to the energizing, rhythmic music.

Activities: With plenty of trails and space, you can go on a daily run, hike, swim, and partake in horse yoga, ziplining, and dancing.

All Inclusive


Our cabins are cozy and rustic, they come complete with all bedding, full shower, bathroom and toiletries, AC and Heat, and storage for your clothes. Some cabins are two stories.

Food and Drink

All of your means and snacks throughout the day are provided. The meals are planned out to match each retreat and its season and we are constantly changing it up. We offer multiple options per meal including vegetarian and vegan. We also have coffee, tea, a full cocktail bar with tabs and and open wine bar on the first night of camp


The classes at the retreat range greatly from beginner to advanced and experimental. You make your own schedule each day, popping into whichever classes you'd like. Aside from yoga classes, we also have belly dance and Brazilian dance classes, nutrition and several others throughout the year. The class schedule will start populating 3 weeks before the retreat and more are added each week leading up to the event depending on attendance.


We have a wide range of seminars that change at every retreat. From nutrition and health, to body working, aromatherapy, and alternative medicine. Our seminar speakers are experts in their field and share their knowledge and time with you as part of your experience. Speakers are added throughout the lead-up to the retreat.


The activities rotate with the seasons, for the summer retreat we spend time out on the lake, going down water slides or jumping onto the giant blob, in the cooler months we still spend a lot of time outdoors with camp fires, doing rock climbing or zip line and we always enjoy some good hikes, time with the horses and watching performances


On the Friday of the retreat all campers are welcome to the studio at Flow Yoga for some yoga included classes during registration. In late afternoon we'll load up all our gear on a charter bus and have a roughly 40 min fun and social ride up to camp. Late Sunday afternoon the bus will bring us all back to the studio for pickup.

Choose your cabin:

September 6-8, 2019 Yoga Retreat.

Social Cabin

Medium sized cabin with 4 other campers. Twin beds or bunk beds. Cabin includes ac/heat, full bathroom and shower, closets, drawers

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Private Cabin

King sized bed in a private room for 1 or 2 guests. Cabin includes ac/heat, full bathroom and shower, closets, drawers

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Payment plans are available for either cabin
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